Travesía a nado del Txingudi

It never fails!

29/07/2018 – Hondarribia

I could already enjoy this tour very recently in the  Stand Up Paddel de Hondarribia this year and when I had the chance to repeat it again, this time I was swimming, I could not resist.

So the same route and many participants, with a water temperature more than pleasant.

The exit from the Butrón promenade and to choose between the two distance of 700 or 2600 meters. I opted for the long one.

As always, not dedicating myself to practicing any specific sport means that I only aspire to enjoy each experience, so I decided to leave quietly and enjoy the feeling of swimming through the canal until I reach the beach. Luckily I was part of a small group of swimmers that helped me in my experience.

Charmed. I expected that. Good weather, good atmosphere and very nice tour. I said. Hondarribia does not fail.

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