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BIO2FIT 360º

Sports nutrition and training program

Bio2fit has designed for you a program developed with its own methodology specialized in body recomposition. Following our program will improve your body parameters, obtaining a more functional and healthy body.

Our team has many years of experience in the development of sports performance and health programs, successfully tested in many people with very different profiles. All our work has an approach based on functional training and evolutionary biology, and this allows us to develop in a balanced way all our capabilities.

BIO2FIT 360º is a program designed for individuals and / or groups who wish to improve their physical condition and eating habits, as well as for athletes who wish to prepare a sporting event or improve their sporting modality. Your coach will not only offer you physical training programs -portal but also food plans, recipes, advice on sports supplementation, tips and keys to take a healthy diet and targeted to your goals.

Based on evolutionary biology, science and practical experiences, we will propose new feeding guidelines that you can easily adapt to your conditions and your daily activity. A healthy diet that will help you achieve your goals and objectives.

The BIO2FIT 360º program includes:


Complete training plan + Demonstration videos + Evaluation and control

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Personal advisor + Online training sessions + “Challenges and rewards” program.

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Complete meal plan + Recipes + Shopping list + Daily

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Web private area + Application for mobile devices + Demo videos

We have designed a sophisticated virtual trainer from which you will receive a multitude of tips to improve your health. An App that will help you plan your workouts and your feeding plan, put it into practice easily and control your evolution.

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