Stand Up Paddle of Hondarribia

There was no better start …
05/26/2018 – Hondarribia

This time we took advantage of the # Vikingoeguna2018 event organized by the Crossfit Dakkar Hondarribia club to participate, and in the process of “getting started” in the Stand Up Paddle event.

I had never climbed one of these tables before and what better way to learn than directly in a test.

The truth is that I was not even clear about the name of this modality, because while some call it SUP, others call it Paddle surfing, stand-up, paddle surfing … a mess.

Of course I did not even want to enter, in what kind of existing tables and the types of modalities that are within this sport. I had enough to get on one of them and not fall too much.

In any case, and daring that is one, I present myself in Hondarribia, on the other hand in a day “of dogs”. Diluviaba and thunder and lightning were not far from the beach Butrón was the starting point of the test.

If I even knew that there was this little beach, which on the other hand was very nice for me.

My friend Santi, I managed the rental of the table and ready to debut. Two tests, one of 5000 meters for amateurs and sub 16 categories and another Open test of 10,000 meters. The truth is that I found many meters to start but that’s what it was.

In the absence of 10 minutes for the output at 11:30 am, I decide to try to climb on the table. At least it kept me on my feet, but moving forward, I did it with difficulty. And while trying to do it to me, with some fall to the water even, they give warning that there is a minute for the exit.

I look towards the beach and everyone prepared on the starting line. Fuck! If I was in the middle of them all. I try to get close to the line while everyone saw that I would surely win, I was not going to win the race. As I could I placed “in extremis” and the horn sounded.

In a few seconds, I am finally in the adventure.

The water was calm and that at least helped me to stand while I was taking a little trick.

A volunteer advises me to improve my position and position in the table and thanks to that, I start to go somewhat better. Little by little I’m even reaching the last ones in the first section in a straight line of the route.

I was a little more confident, but when we got to the jetty, things got a bit complicated. Not much, but some wave was there, enough to destabilize what his “twist” utmost. There was no way, I went straight while the rest hurried the jetty to go to the beach. Again, they correct me and advise me to take a step back from the board. I had enough standing with my legs, like sticks, to walk around the table. Shot of arms and although my curve was not closed at all, at least I managed to straighten the course. Yes, he was alone after this maneuver.

You had to go to the beach to go out to the sand and after skirting a flag return to the water. In this section I reached the last ones again, and even overtake some, but as soon as there was a buoy in the water, my maneuver left me alone again.

But the thing is, I was enjoying it. It was a new challenge for me and more or less there I was doing as many meters as I could.

The water was not cold, because I tried it on the only fall I had during the test. And so after about 40-45 minutes I managed to get back to Butrón beach.

I liked reliving the tension of the races, although this time it was a very popular test. I had time for different reasons without feeling that feeling and I had better to take up something totally new for me. New experience.

How not to thank the organization that strives to make these races, in addition to a cost so cheap. Everything worked perfectly and only the weather blew a bit the day

                                                           Presentation of the event the previous days

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