Social Responsability

The quality of our services, the transparency of our management, the commitment to stay with society and respect for the environment, are the bases on which the policies of responsibility of Bio2fit are based. These policies are fundamental in the business strategy and affect our relationship with society, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our vision is to offer the services that society demands creating value, with ethical and social commitment and respect for the environment. Our mission is for these services to be of quality and contribute to improving the development and well-being of people, with the minimum possible environmental impact.

Our Code of Principles and Values ​​includes the set of criteria that should guide the behavior of all Bio2fit employees in the exercise of their professional activity.

For this reason, we want to take advantage of the opportunity and create a social impact in our environment. We collaborate with social organizations both locally and internationally, which contribute significantly to our society, guaranteeing fundamental values ​​such as education, food and / or healthcare among others.