Prueba Cicloturista Vitoria BH

Just what I expected …

6/9/2018 – Vitoria-Gasteiz

I was confident that this race was not going to disappoint me and did not do it. It is really easy to summarize it; 204 km, accumulated altitude 3474 meters, beautiful route and perfect organization. As simple as that.

We returned to participate in a cyclist and it is that from the Cyclist of Zarautz of 5/22/2016 had not done it. And with the excuse of preparing the next edition of Brevet Luchon-Baiona 325 km, this march came to our hair.

In fact the origin of this test is precisely in it. The creators of this test, devised it in order to prepare the aforementioned race and there is a selected date, 2 weeks before Brevet.

Thus, on June 25, 1961, the first Cicerurista Vitoria Test was organized, although it was called “Prueba Ibisate”. Already in 1965 it would be the III Vitoria Cicloturista Test, the current name.

That of mounting a test of cycling in Vitoria of 250 Kilometers, with five mountain passes, should be preparation, training for then after 15 days go to the classic French calendar of the South-West, La Bayonne-Luchon, with 325 kilometers , 5,800 meters of altitude difference through the ports of Oskitz, Aubisque, Solour, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peirosurde.

Ideally, therefore, participate in this test thinking also of the Luchon-Baiona within two weeks.

About 500 participants took the exit at 08:00 in the morning with some uncertainty about the weather, because although the sun shone, expected some other storm.

As in other cyclists, the pace is usually high from the start, in this, perhaps because of the distance, it is usually somewhat quieter but as always each one sets its own pace.

This is how we take it, with the idea of being grouped in platoons with a rhythm similar to ours. This allowed us to enjoy the tour but on the other hand it is something that definitely marks the race. County roads with good asphalt through green areas, and hardly traffic. Something that I found really nice.

As for the profile, several ascents, except for the port of La Herrera, were not very demanding.


After the first ascent to Urbasa, the rain made an appearance coinciding with the descent and the temperature was somewhat lower. With that we’re in June, I was not wearing any warm clothes I would have appreciated.

At the top of Urbasa we already find the first of the three refreshments. Perfect in terms of location and content. And it is that every time the organizers are taking care of the details and not only they offer you previous information about what you will find in it, but they also tell you where each food or drink will be located and even the circulation of the bicycles and athletes in the same



As for the march, we were linking ascents, some more affordable and others not so much, although the passage of kilometers is always wearing and any “tack” can become complicated.

At kilometer 115 and coinciding with the liquid refreshment, approximately 135 (according to the information they gave me) took a “shortcut” to avoid facing the hardest part of the route (Altos de Korres, Alto de San Román, Alto de La Aldea, Puerto de Herrera and Alto de Zaldiaran), which also saved a few kilometers.

We were facing each ascent little by little with the desire to face La Herrera that I had never climbed before. Once in the, 5.5 km to 8.6% on average but with ramps above 13-15% where the wheels grabbed the asphalt of the cute.

I could even see how some other biker climbed the Herrera “literally” hooked up to a friend’s car!

The port of La Herrera served to carry out the only timed section of the march. Once up there seemed all done, although there was one last ascent (Zaldiarán) that without being hard, the wear of the kilometers made made it seem like “it was too much”. But just maybe it was that you assumed that with La Herrera done, all the fish was already sold.

After this ascent the final stretch to get to Vitoria. It is easy to see the majority of cyclists alone, already with very broken groups, although it is very interesting to try to go in company in this final part if you do not want to punish yourself even more.

Finally in Vitoria, happy to resume this sport that usually always gives me rewarding feelings.

To thank the Vitoriana Cycling Society for the organization of this Prueba Cicloturista de Vitoria who made an almost professional deployment of media and made everything go wonderfully.

The post-race also a luxury:

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