Exercise: Kettlebell side pick up on bosu

Exercise: Kettlebell side pick up on bosu

Excellent functional exercise to strengthen the whole body (lower and upper train, proprioception, core, etc). Ideal exercise to include in your general conditioning sessions.


Details of the exercise

Functional type exercise: Functional
Muscle groups involved: The whole body
Equipment: Bosu & Kettlebell
Level: Advanced


Place the Bosu in reverse position.
Deposit the kettlebell in front of the bosu and to one side (left or right).
Position your open feet at the height of your shoulders on the bosu keeping in balance.
Perform a hip semiflexion and extend the opposite arm to the side where the kettlebell is to grab it by the handle.
Carry the kettlebell from one side of the Bosu to the other and lay it down on the opposite side.
Release the kettlebell and incorporate on the Bosu before starting the next repetition.
Repeat the recommended number of repetitions.


Before starting to perform the exercise in its entirety it is convenient to test separately both the lateral movement of the kettlebell with the feet on the ground and without being uploaded in the Bosu and on the other hand perform squats (air squat) on the bosu without loading with the kettlebell. Once you have mastered both exercises separately, start to try the exercise initially with lightweight kettebell (4, 6, 8 ..) to gradually increase it depending on your conditions.


There are no alternatives for this exercise.


For the execution of the exercise you need an unstable Bosu platform and a Kettlebell.